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Real Estate Marketing has changed >> Just like the rest of the world

I find interesting all the talk about open houses, print advertising, postcards, web marketing and on and on.

A point I would like to make is that technology has changed dramatically in the last 15 years and dramatically in the last 5.  If people still tried to do things with technology the way it was done 15 years ago they would be left way behind in this competitive world.

It should come to no ones surprise that what once worked 15-20 years ago in real estate is not working well in today's world.  Just like technology in computers, automobiles, airplanes, communication etc. has advanced, real estate has advanced as well.

So many articles have been written as to why print advertising and open houses don't work and yet other articles as to why they do.

Just like some people have a hard time letting go of any memorabilia, many have a hard time letting go of postcards, print advertising and open houses.

All of us know where 99% of all postcards go.   Every Realtor I have asked about print advertising has told me they only do it to please the seller because they (the seller) wants to see their home advertised.   These same Realtors hold open houses because their sellers are demanding it.

This to me is a sad reason to spend thousands on print advertising and open houses.  Sure, every now and then a home will be sold from these sources but not consistently.  I would much rather educate my sellers as to what is working and why.

When buyers can go to yours or my website and do an IDX MLS Search and have properties emailed to them daily that is up to date information, why would they pickup a magazine that is old news?

Another thing I find interesting is when the next "Greatest website since Microsoft" pops up promising great exposure for real estate listings. Many Realtors jump on the band wagon with a vengeance and confidence this is the answer.  Just this spring the number of blogs that appeared on AR promoting this and that site were amazing.

I won't mention names but you all know what I am talking about.   At least two major sites were announced early this year as the "Cutting Edge" sites for Realtors.  One site had been around for awhile and the other was fairly new.   I was not a fan of either and voiced my opinion.

I don't hear anything about the one site at all anymore and when I called agents across the country about it, those that used it had never received a lead and were dumping it.

The other site promised to tell homeowners what their home is worth and claimed it would rock the real estate world.  If property is appreciation at 7% a year in Seattle and is depreciating the same percentage in Detroit, and the rest of the country is somewhere in between, how can any site claim to accurately know what your home is worth?  This is the job of a professional Realtor.

The next time one of the "Latest and Greatest" real estate websites are created think about this:  Why does Wal-Mart do so well across the country?  One reason is they have "Everything you need" and they are priced well.  You can buy anything from a gallon of milk to a set of tires for your car.

Sites like Craig's List and EBay are flourishing because surfers can find nearly everything they want on these sites.  I have sold 17 homes through Craig's list in the last 24 months.  If ads are written correctly one can sell homes and much more on Craig's list.  I have written blogs about this and one of my good friends back east, Sue Argue, recently wrote a Craig's list ad the correct way and received a staging lead the very first few days from the day she posted the ad on Craig's List.

My point is that just because your broker told you to send out postcards, take floor time and do lots of print advertising and open houses, does not mean that it will work for you.

Think as a buyer of today's world does and think about how they are buying everything from clothes to Christmas presents to automobiles, to homes.   The next generation of buyers embraces text messaging,  blackberries, and know the computer better than you and I can ever dream of.  Do you really think they want to receive a post card from you and I or visit us at an open house?


Let's enter the new world of real estate marketing and let go of the covered wagon.  The covered wagon will always be admired and loved as a part of history but it isn't transporting people anymore.






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