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What Can Happen When We Start Believing

I went golfing this past Tuesday with a couple of friends. The day was beautiful, 81 degrees and sunny.

I was in the same golf cart with my buddy Jim.  We played the front 9 holes and we all had a great time.  We all had what we would call "Tiger Woods" type shots LOL, and we had our share of marginal shots but still had a great time.

My friend Jim was shooting a pretty good game on the front 9 holes and I was pretty impressed with him.  Jim had lived in this area for several years and we played golf often.  He and his wife moved away for 7 years and we lost contact with each other.  This was our first time golfing together in 8 ½ years and it was nice to get together again.

Back to our golf game.   After stopping at the club house to get something to snack on we proceeded on to the back 9.  Jim's game started to take a turn and wasn't as sharp as on the front 9.  He started to hit one bad shot after another and started becoming pretty negative about his game which was going down the toilet fast.  Not only was his game going down, but his confidence was waning big time.

On the 13th hole Jim hit a decent drive which left him 119 yards from the pin for his approach shot.  More negativity comes from Jim when he says to me, "I hate this yardage, it is a bad yardage for me and I never do well from this yardage". 

I finally had enough of the negativity and I said to him "This is a great yardage and you are going to hit a great shot!"   "Take a smooth practice swing and get up there and hit the shot of your life!".

Jim took a nice practice swing and hit the best shot of the day! He was all over the flag and left himself only a 3 foot putt for birdie!   All he could say was "Wow!"   I said, "Now fill your mind with positive thoughts and play the rest of the holes like you and I know you can!"  "I don't want to hear I CAN'T anymore!"

Jim went on to play the rest of the holes at just 1 over par which is a great score on this long course!

It is amazing how we can become our own worse enemy.  One thing goes bad, then another, and then another.  We start questioning ourselves and start thinking maybe things are as bad as everyone says they are.  "Maybe I'm not as good as I thought I was".

This is the same in our office.   The agents that come in every day and tell us how bad the real estate market is are struggling to pay their expenses.  On the other side of the coin you can see which agents will again have 6 figure incomes just like they have done in the past and there are several.

The next time your swing is out of check,  take a deep breath and say to yourself "I can hit this shot", "I can change my market", "I can change the way I speak", "I can change my world". 


 Posted By: George Tallabas - Boise Idaho Real Estate Agent - Associate Broker 
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