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Guidlines for Sanity

We each receive a body - It is amazing how many people cannot come to gripes with the vessel that contains them.  Our vessels are only a small measure of what makes each of us uniquely extraordinary creations. We might as well take care of these vessels, it's the only one we have.

We all Learn Lessons - Life is a full-time, informal school with each day an opportunity to learn lessons.  We may like the lessons we learn or consider them pointless. The degree to which we benefit from them or are diminished by ignoring them is the peril of knowledge.

A Lesson is Repeated Until Learned - Until we learn each lesson required for our happiness and success, we will have to repeat the consequences of disappointment and failure.  There is no part of life we cannot learn from.  Even the most dismal and mundane elements of life contain parables of knowledge.

There are no Mistakes, Only Lessons - Growth is a process of trial and error.  Failed experiments are as much a process of learning as those experiments that succeed.  Consider this:

  • Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team
  • In his first three years in the automobile business, Henry Ford went bankrupt twice
  • Dr. Suess' first book was rejected by 23 publishers.  The 24th publisher sold six million copies.

Learning Does Not End - There is no part of life that doesn't contain lessons.  My daughter that just graduated from High School recently said "Dad, I think I know everything I need to know".  I smiled at her and said "I just turned 51 and am still learning every day of my life, congratulations for having life already totally figured out at 18 years of age"!  The most successful people I know are always curious to learn something new and never tire of learning. They wake up each morning anxious to learn something new.

"There" is no better that "Here" - When you are there has become a here, you will simply obtain another there that will, again, look better than here.  In other words, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, and the next fence, and the next fence.  Reality is never as good as nostalgia.  Living in the future is filled with the frustration of never being satisfied.  Concentrate on the now and capitalize on what you've achieved and earned.  Tomorrow will take care of itself.

Others are Merely Mirrors of You- "You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects something you love or hate about yourself". People always accuse others of their own worst tendencies.  If you had an argument with someone recently, think of the faults you labeled on them.  How many of those faults fit you?  If you see something in someone you don't like, chances are you see in them that which you don't like about yourself.  The next time you want to find fault with something ask yourself first if you are guilty of the same fault. Do this and there will be a lot less arguments.

Your Answers Lie Only Inside You - "The answers to life's questions lay only inside you. All you need to do is look, listen and trust." Instinct and gut reaction are wonderful self-preserving devices we humans have, yet we often ignore them. Our culture teaches us not to fly when we have a dream.  I challenge you to spread your wings and fly!


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Guidlines for Sanity
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