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Just when I thought this kind of person didn't exist

I received a call from a client and another Realtor today that left me in shock and reaffirmed my belief there are honest, ethical Realtors out there. 

"Jim" who works for another Re/Max office in my town called me to tell me a lady called him on the phone to tell him that her granddaughter was now ready to buy a home. 

Jim said he wondered why the lady said her granddaughter was now ready to buy. The Grandmother said that she had contacted a Re/Max agent about a year ago but everything had to be put on hold due to personal issues of her granddaughter. 

Jim then asked her if she knew who it was she spoke with and if there was any representation agreement signed.  The lady proceeded to tell Jim that no contract was signed but the Realtor she spoke to was nice, very helpful, and gave her his number but she lost it.  All she could remember is that his name was George.  She went on to say "I asked for this George when I called your office but your secretary said he doesn't work there so I was given to you".

Jim then informed her that there was never a George that worked at his office but there was a nice man by the name of George Tallabas that worked at another Re/Max office.  The lady then said "Yes, that is the man we spoke to.  I remember because he had a different last name.  I had his number but lost it.  Well, since I have you on the phone can you help my granddaughter?"

Jim proceeded to tell this lady that since she had spoken to me, even though it was a year ago, it was only right that she work with me.   Jim then gave the lady my cell number and the lady phoned me this afternoon.  She mentioned she had called another Re/Max office and spoken to Jim who was nice enough to give her my phone number. She told me about the conversation she had with Jim.

Turns out the granddaughter had some financial issues that were resolved and she was now qualified to purchase a home.  After talking to the granddaughter I find out she is pre-approved and qualifies for a $250,000 home.  She not only resolved her financial issues but she received a huge promotion at work and had been gifted a handsome down payment by her grandparents.

I called Jim to give him my heartfelt "Thanks" for doing something that is unheard of in our industry. He will receive in the mail a gift certificate for $200 to the Outback Restaurant in our city.  I also sent a letter to his Broker to inform him of the quality human being he has on his team.  I mailed a similar letter to Jim's wife.

With all the bad experiences many of us have had with Realtors it is nice to know there are people like Jim in the business and in this world.

Jim is on "The road less traveled".  At the end of the day it won't matter how many plaques we have on our wall and how large our bank account is. 

What will matter most is if we can look at the person in the mirror and like that person that is looking back at us.

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I received a call from a client and another Realtor today that left me in shock and reaffirmed my belief there are honest, ethical Realtors out there. "Jim" who works for another Re/Max office in my town called me to tell me a lady called… more
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