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Two Realtors that really made a difference

Meet two people with hearts as BIG AS TEXAS.  Judy from my office and Bob from another office made their sellers very, very happy and did what very few Realtors even think of doing. I hope this warms your heart liked it warmed mine.

I asked Judy from my office how things were going and she said she was doing well and just had one of her "Career Listings" sell.  In our office we call homes that have been listed for a long, long time career listings, LOL.   She went on to tell me this home was vacant and had a lot of showings over the last several months with no offers.

Judy decided to take the bulls by the horn and spent $600 of her own money to rent furniture to "Stage" this home.   Low and behold if she didn't receive an offer the seller accepted within 3 days after staging it!  My hat is off to Judy for being so proactive.  Instead of complaining about the market she did something about it.

It turned out Judy's seller was worse off than what Judy had thought.  By selling her sellers home she saved them from a pretty big financial disaster. The sellers were on the verge of receiving a notice of default.  Judy didn't know this at the time, she just wanted to get the home sold.

I heard of another great story a little over a year ago when another Realtor that is not part of our office did something pretty remarkable.   Turns out Bob had a floor call and went to list an elder lady's home.  This lady had a lot of "Stuff" to put it mildly.  The home sat on the market for over 5 months with just a few showings but nothing serious.  Bob finally decided to help this lady that lived on social security.  Bob rented a storage unit and got a lot of his sellers ‘stuff" into the storage unit and had a friend of his stage the home with what furniture and belongings were left in the home.  After doing this Bob received an acceptable offer on his client's home within 2 weeks.  Bob figured the cost to rent the storage shed for the time needed and the time to move the "stuff" was a total of $350 out of pocket expense.  His client's family placed his client in a retirement center and what items were not sold that were in the storage shed were taken to "Good Will" by Bob after he requested permission from his client.

Judy and Bob have my respect for stepping up to the plate and have a heart as big as Texas for doing what they did for their sellers.  I have to say I have never done anything as great for my sellers as these two did.  But I guarantee you when the opportunity arises I hope I can be a good enough human being to step up to the plate.

I think Judy and Bob will get a few referrals.

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Meet two people with hearts as BIG AS TEXAS. Judy from my office and Bob from another office made their sellers very, very happy and did what very few Realtors even think of doing. I hope this warms your heart liked it warmed mine. I asked Judy… more
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