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The Big Camera That Can!

If you have an SLR Digital Camera, please read this.  In desperation early last month I wrote a post called "The Big Camera That Can't Please Help" I was having trouble getting quality interior photos with my Canon Rebel camera.  The response I received was nothing short of amazing. Cheryl Johnson and Norm Fisher offered me some excellent advice while a few wanted me to sell my camera on ebay and buy a Kodak V570.

Well I took Cheryl and Norm's advice and as you an see the difference is amazing.  The first photo below was taken on "Auto Program" with exterior flash which is the setting Canon support recommended I use.  The second photo is taken on with the setting on "Manual" with the film speed set to 400 and the aperture set to 6.3 also using an exterior flash.  And I didn't even use a tripod on this photo!  This was a very dark room with no lights on and all the window shades closed.

So before you get rid of that expensive SLR camera please try these settings.  What I have found out is that I have a "Cadillac of a Camera" that will do more than I ever imagined. All I needed to do was to learn some of the settings and experiment a little.  Now that I have learned some new settings a whole new world has opened up for me. I now use the "Auto Program" for exterior shots and the "Manual" mode with the settings mentioned above for interior shots.

Sure there are those that like a simple point and shoot camera but for those that have made the investment and want more from their digital SLR camera consider this:

a) The array of settings an SLR camera offers

b) An array of lenses from wide angle to super zoom lenses are available

c) Rapid fire sports setting is available so you can get rapid fire photos and never miss your child or grandchild's touchdown run.

I am so happy I didn't sell my Canon Rebel and really appreciate all of you that gave me some awesome advice which resulted in a new lease on life for my Canon Rebel. Turns out there was nothing wrong with my Canon Rebel camera. I just needed some great tips which I surely received.

  "Auto Program setting"

  "Manual Setting"


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