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Which Real Estate Trainer do I hitch my wagon to?

There are a lot of agents in our area of S.W. Idaho that entered the real estate business just prior to the peak year of 2005.   In most cases these new Realtors just sat at a builder model home and had buyers walk in right and left.  Anyone with a real estate license could make $100,000 with their eyes closed.

Fast forward to 2006 and things changed quite a bit.  Enter 2008 and things have changed a whole lot!  All of a sudden real estate agents have to know how to properly list and market a home.  What?  You mean I have to interview sellers, measure homes, put up signs, lock boxes, market, etc, etc?!

I can't tell you how many of these Realtors have left the market.  Of those that are still with us, many are looking for a panecea or "cure all".  A system they can rely on that will help them grow their business and create a reliable business machine. They are "lookin to hitch their wagon with someone".

I have heard the names of several highly respected national real estate trainers and so called real estate "Superstars" that advertise in the monthly real estate magazine.  Some of these Realtors promise to have one earning a lot of money with no cold calling and no evening or weekends.

There is no doubt in my mind that many national real estate trainers have some great systems in place and ways to help many grow their business.  There is a place for these trainers and a place for some Realtor systems in every market and there are strong supporters for many of these trainers.


While there are a lot of great trainers and ideas out there that offer great coaching and marketing ideas, there are some basic charactaristics of all top agents and these have been consistent throughout time:

Integrity - This is a word that is thrown around a lot but few honor it. Simply put if you say you are going to do something, do it!  This seems really simple but I can't tell you how many people in our industry and others tell us they will do something and their words are simply hollow.  I recently had a young man sell me some technology and tell me to call him with all my questions.  That was this past Tuesday.  I have left him 2 messages in 3 days and he has yet to return my call.

Be a sponge - Take in the world around you.  Never fail to go home at the end of the day without learning something new.  Learn from others in the industry.  Learn from classes we take.  Learn from books we read.  Learn from the people we come in contact with.  I closely met a minimum of 30 Realtors at the recent RE/MAX National Convention in Las Vegas and I can truly say I learned something from every one of them.  I talk to farmers, commercial contractors, surveyors, attorneys, planners, accountants, etc. and love it!  I always learn something that will benefit me in some way.

Know when to hold them and know when to fold them - Yes, learn when to walk away from a client or situation that is not good for you.  In today's market every client is like GOLD.  All of a sudden there is no such thing as A, B & C buyers.  Every potential buyer is being worked.  Just know when you can invest your time in a buyer and seller and see something come of it.  It is the same with real estate offices.  Even though I believe there is no Broker that will make or break us, the environment we are in can make a big difference in our attitude.

Take a genuine interest in people - I have a farmer client that has referred me over $150,000 in commissions the past 4 years.  One day I saw him in a field working.  I stopped and helped him with his chores that day and talked to him for over an hour.  That was over 4 years ago.  People tell me he still talks about that day I stopped by. That farmer calls me now and then to ask me for more cards of mine so that he can hand them out. I call all my sphere at least monthly and "never ask them for referrals" but receive many referrals annually none the less.  I believe I receive these referrals because I show people I genuinely care about them.  When people know we truly care about them, they will refer their closest family and friends to you.

Be a source of information - Many people have called me over the years and asked me for a name of a handy man, plumber, electrician, etc.  I have now started a list of vendors I recommend on my website my preferred vendor list . When people trust you and feel good about you they will lean on you for names of vendors they can trust.  Let people know you can help them and it doesn't involve you receiving a commission. Help them just to help them and because you care.

Get your name out - I have written in the past about the powerful use of business cards and hand written notes.  For the past several years I have given away over 3,500 cards per year and I plan on expanding it.  One Seattle Realtor wrote in the mid nineties that she included cards in all the bills she paid.  She mentioned a credit card employee moved to Seattle from the east and looked her up and purchased a home from her.  You never know when a buyer or seller will find their way to you from a business card you handed out long ago.

These tips are not rocket science and are very basic but I can assure you many top producers do these things day in and day out.


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