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The greatest resource is you

When I was very young growing up in the sixties I remember seeing a movie about a man that that was confined to a room for several years.  He could not leave the room but would be given anything he asked for.  He went through many phases during those years.  Sometimes he would sleep all the time.  Other times he stayed up all the time drinking and getting drunk.

One day this man asked for and was given a grand piano.  When he was given the grand piano he knew absolutely nothing about playing a piano of any kind.  He asked for books and started to learn by teaching himself.  After a few years he was playing beautifully and did not need any music sheets to play extraordinary music.

After he had spent all the time in this room (it was something like 5-7 years) the door to the room was open.  He was so engrossed in his music and books that he did not bother to go out.  He had no way of knowing the difference between night and day and spent every moment engrossed on his studies.

This simple but powerful little movie has caused me to think about our society as we have known it for the past several years.

As kids we are given televisions, cell phones, ipods, computers, game boys, and on and one and on.  As young adults if someone took away our cell phones, televisions and computers many of us would become angry and many would become vicious.

Has all this worldly attraction been good for us or has it kept us from developing  the skills that are inside each and every one of us?  The man in the story I mention was only able to develop his skills when everything else was taken away from him. I doubt he would have developed his amazing skill if he had been given everything.

I am certainly not talking about taking everyone's cell phones, computers and televisions away from them and closing them up in a room.  I am simply saying that the human mind is amazing. 

There is a handful of Realtors that are flourishing in today's market because they had the vision to see a changing market and implemented systems to take advantage of it.  Many others are locked up in their room just like the man in this story but have not opened their minds and looked for ways to take advantage of the market the way it is today.

These past few weeks I have had many Realtors call me or come into my office and asked me how it is that I am doing so well.  How did you create that powerful site of yours? How are you drawing in so many clients?  How did you create all your systems? How are you doing this? How are you doing that?  What many of these Realtors don't realize is that the greatest  resource is themselves.  When we create something from nothing, rather than having it handed to us, we will value it more and take more pride in ourselves.

Many Realtors are truly waiting for the market to change back to the way it was prior to the market changing without doing anything to take advantage of the market the way it is today.  They believe they will wake up tomorrow morning and "Short Sales" will be gone and "Foreclosures" will be a thing of the past.

Just like the man in this story learned to play the piano and started playing beautiful music, we too have an opportunity to adapt to our changing world and reap the benefits of opening up our creative minds and take advantage of all the opportunities that surround us.

Just like the saying goes: "I have seen the enemy and the enemy is me"


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